How do I send PornEmojis with my iPhone?
Pull up https://www.pornemojis.com/home in mobile Safari and then hold an icon to copy. Then simply go to your messaging application of choice and paste into the text box! If you have difficulty pasting the icon, you might to save and send it.

How do I send PornEmojis with my Android phone?
Pull up https://www.pornemojis.com/home in a browser (i.e Google Chrome), hold on the icon of your choice, and save the icon instead of copying. Then go to your messaging application of choice (Whatsapp, Hangouts, Facebook, etc) and import it! There should be a little plus or paper clip icon to import an image.

How do I add PornEmojis to my home screen on iOS?
Log in to your PornEmojis account at https://www.pornemojis.com/home, click the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the screen, then click ‘Add to Homescreen.’

What do all the PornEmojis mean?
Talk to your friends about sex. One of them knows.

What if I forgot my password?
Don’t worry, on the sign in page, click the the “forgot password” link to which will send you an email prompting you to reset your password.

I can’t sign up in Safari!
Please make sure that you haven’t disabled cookies in Safari on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Safari and look for where it says “Block Cookies”. The setting should be “Allow from websites I visit”.

May I use Emoji For Commercial Use?
No, you can not use any of emoji for commercial use. It is made for personal use only. If you wants to use, send us email at [email protected]. If team found and give permission then and then only you can use the authorized emoji.